B2B Marketing Director

London, England, United Kingdom · Brand & Design


We are seeking a B2B Marketing Director who will design and Implement marketing strategy for our brand and propositions, liaise with agencies, source, recruit and develop marketing talent and act as an evangelist for our brand, products and services.

The Pupil B2B Marketing Director must have relevant experience building fast-growth marketing departments for B2B tech companies or come with a powerful technology background from a successful digital agency environment. They will be focused on determining the key differentiators in our products and be responsible for designing a go-to-market strategy for both our SME and enterprise products. They will have the ability to contribute to the ongoing development of the USP’s of the proposition whilst developing a cohesive marketing approach for the broader Pupil brand.

The Pupil B2B Marketing Director will have a successful track record in technology launch strategy, lead generation, and customer analytics and be someone who is tremendously engaging for our whole organisation on a senior level. They will also be responsible for the full implementation of this plan and liaise with various agencies in fulfilling product launch, media strategy and market presence.

The Pupil B2B Marketing Director will come from a top tech company or a marketing agency that is comfortable jumping in to a agile startup environment and creating their own vision for the department. A copywriting and strategic background will be helpful.

Our proposition occupies a unique intersection between spatial data, immersive media and deep learning and has significant interest across a wide range of markets, including real estate, tourism and financial services - the ideal candidate will have some exposure across at least a couple of those sectors.

It’s important to note that you’ll be joining a demanding, ambitious technology company at an early stage, so we’ll expect you to take ownership and feel responsibility for a broad range of things that will help us succeed with our customers. For ambitious, entrepreneurial candidates, you will have an excellent opportunity to make your mark driving growth and delivering commercial results.


— design strategies and processes that deliver our brand successfully to our proliferating multi-channel digital world; understand what it takes for Pupil to ‘break through the noise’ of the media marketplace and proliferate in a variety of channels;

— build an operational and diplomatic culture from scratch with the marketing department to bring strategy to life;

— design a consistently positive, rewarding experience across all Pupil brand touchpoints with system-wide thinking and an integrated service-delivery approach;

— have P&L responsibility - show the ROI of capital deployed on marketing spend and how it delivers against Pupil’s bottom line, continuing to demonstrate value of marketing to the company’s Founders;

— be one of the key people driving ‘change’ agenda at Pupil: your deep insights into customer behaviours and market trends means that you need to identify what changes are necessary and then motivate and help drive the required changes through the organisation;

— Establish aggressive timeline with Founders for building the B2B marketing department and skill at bringing in talent


— understand the connection between growth and customer satisfaction and know how marketing can forge that bond;

— help define customer experience and align it with our brand to build tighter customer relationships;

— use social media to create a transparent, customer-oriented business that’s having conversations with customers;

— understand the gap between our existing customers and new customers that don’t quite ‘get’ it;

— Be a key ‘voice of the customer’ within our organisation, distilling and articulating our solutions to the needs of our diverse and quickly growing customer base (understanding how we engineer our communications, service and product for the personas of our clients);


— demonstrate a deep knowledge of how to use research, data and analytics as tools to deliver meaningful insight into our markets and our consumer’s decision journey;

— discover data-driven insights that drive growth and an immediate responsiveness to data feedback to drive behaviour change to improve MROI

— convert that data into value.

About Pupil

Pupil is changing the world of data capture, creating immersive 3D experiences through revolutionary technology.

Our team is made up of engineers, designers and dreamers from around the globe.

The breathtaking new digital spaces we create are set to radically transform entire industries. Our first product will launch in 2018. If you have world-class skills in software, platform engineering, design, computer vision, 3D graphics, machine learning or big data, we want to hear from you.


— Launched digital products, apps and brands with B2B and B2B2C experience

— Have some digital agency experience

— Proven experience in agile software environment

— Proven experience with above the line and below the line campaigns

— Passion for technology

— Proven track record of success in senior marketing positions

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